The Front Garden

A record of plants and bloom times in my wee front garden.  This south facing spot is a sunny, well drained site.  Often battered by strong westerly winds.  Bound by fence and privet hedging on two sides, the area is approximately 5m x 5m with a small circle lawn.  Access into the garden is via an arch directly outside the front door.

Planting of this garden finished autumn 2014.  Whilst I've made every effort to choose plants that should thrive in the conditions here, I suspect that for the first couple of years some will come and some will go!  I have tried to limit the colour scheme, with the Roses being central to summer colour.

Spring colour is introduced via bulbs - those planted are reliably hardy and well suited to growing conditions here in Scotland.

Winter/Spring.  February through to April, although there may be an overlap into May, depending on conditions each year.    

Crocus chrysanthus Spring Beauty.
With buds like a Rembrandt Tulip, the outer petals with a white base, feathered and veined with the deepest purple, the inner revealed when the flowers open, a lovely soft mauve.
Suitable for growing in most soil types in a sun or part shade situtation.  Height around 10-15cm. Each bulb should be planted at a depth of 10 cm and with a similar spacing.  Unscented and easy to grow, they will add colour to any garden at a time when little else is blooming.  Flowers Feb-March.
Bee and Pollinator friendly.
Numerous bulbs planted under each rose in generous sized groups Autmun 2014 .
Buds apparent 16 February 2015

Crocus Orange Monarch
Billed as the only orange/black Crocus.  In my opinion, more golden yellow than orange.
Said to like sun or shade, it grows in a sunny position in my front garden.  With good drainage.
Height around 10cm.
Pollinatore friendly.
10 bulbs planted autumn 2014.  Blooming   Mid Feb 2015

Fritillaria Uva vulpis

Iris bucharica
Bulbs previously grown in pots for two years prior to finding a spot in the front garden.  2015 will be the first year it has flowered in the ground.
I. bucharica is a vigorous bulbour iris growing to a height of around 40cm.  Stems are extremely attractive, glossy and erect.  Producing creamy yellow blooms late in spring.  Requires a sunny well drained site.
Foliage appeared February 2015 - did not bloom 2015

Pulsatila vulgaris Papageno

Early Summer, May through June and July here in Scotland.

Erysimum Walberton's Fragrant Star
Boldly variegated, with bright lemon yellow flowers. It's more compact than the familiar 'Fragrant Sunshine', and it blooms from April to at least July, and may well continue into autumn if you give it lean soil and good drainage. The chocolate/purple buds contrast well with the pale foliage, and the bright flowers will cheer up the garden. Flowers are sterile producing a long bloom season.
Euphorbia griffithii Fireglow

Euphorbia griffithii Fireglow
Stiff, dark green leaves edged orange-red, are topped with bright brick-red summer flowers that gently fade to yellow in autumn before dying back. This fabulous spurge looks best as part of a vibrant planting scheme based on hot colours in a sunny border, or with bronze-tinted ornamental grasses. Given a moist, well-drained soil, it may need restricting, since it quickly forms small colonies. It tolerates light clay.

Euphorbia polychroma
Dark green, lance-shaped leaves are topped with a froth of bright, acid yellow spring flowers that form a distinctive star shape. This perennial, early flowering euphorbia has a natural mounded shape and a short flowering season, but looks lovely as part of a green and yellow planting scheme or with dark red flowers and bronze-tinted grasses. In autumn the foliage turns a lovely shade of bronze.

Geum Dingle apricot
Dwarf variety with pale yellow apricot flowers flushed orange. Grow in any good soil in sun.

 Geum Totally Tangerine

Iris (bearded, unknown)
Possible ID for this Iris is I. germanica Indian Chief.  As suggested
by the British Iris Society.

Iris pumila Cherry Garden

Potentilla (herbaceous, unknown)

Roses.  In their first year here (2015), Roses started blooming late June/July.

Rosa Fighting Temeraire
A hardy shrub rose.  Producing semi-double fragrant blooms. Large fully open blooms repeat flowering.  Rich apricot in colour with yellow centres.
Year 1 in my garden.
Slow to start in 2015.  Although produced a fair amount of blooms I found the later stems needed staking.  The plus side is that the blooms are visited by bees in their abundance.

Rosa Graham Thomas
A very hardy shrub/short climbing rose.  Full Double yellow blooms.  Strong tea fragrance.  Said to be an excellent repeat bloomer. Height and Spread 4ft x 4ft
Year 1 in my garden.
Stems poor and extremely weak.  Bloomed poorly 2015.

Rosa Jude the Obscure
Double/Full apricot blooms on this medium shrub rose.  Said to have a particularly strong fruity fragrance.  Hardy with upright growth.  Height and Spread 3.5ft x 4ft.
Year 1 in my garden.
Slow to get started and first flush of blooms balled.  2nd half of the summer, growth is now strong, producing many buds.  Given a bit of support.

Rosa Lady Emma Hamilton
Very strongly scented fully hardy shrub rose.  Dark foliage.  Height and spread 4ft x 3ft.
Year 1 in my garden.
Slow to start.  Growth short but strong.  I suspect due to my pruning rather than nature of plant.  Very healthy otherwise.  First flush of blooms balled.

Rosa Lady of Shallot
Very hardy shrub rose.  Full Double orange chalice shaped blooms. Lightly Fragrant and repeat flowering.  Height and Spread 4ft x 3 1/2 ft.
Year 1 in my garden.
An excellent rose.  Healthy, sturdy and disease free.  Nice shape and repeat flowering.  Producing a multitude of blooms for weeks on end.  Blooms minimally damaged by winds and rain.

Rosa Port Sunlight
Hardy shrub rose.  Fully double apricot blooms.  Fragrant and repeated flowering.
An erect tall shrub rose.  Height and spread 5ft x 3 1/2 ft.
Year 1 in my garden.
Repeat flowering, growing tall rather than wide.  Stems reasonably sturdy but I have had to support one or two.  I think this is more to do with the weight of the flowers than the weak stems.  

Rosa Teasing Georgia
Full double rich yellow blooms on this shrub/short climbing rose. Strongly scented.  Height and Spread 4ft x 3 1/2 ft or 6ft x 8ft as a climber.
Year 1 in my garden.
Growing on arch, weak and poor in it's first year.  Very few flowers.

Rosa The Lark Ascending
Cupped shaped apricot blooms on this shrub rose.  Tall, airy growth said to look good in a mixed border.  Very hardy and repeat flowerer.  Height and Spread 5ft x 3ft.
Year 1 in my garden.
Strong growth, needing no support.  Blooms are produced regularly.  Popular with bees.  Very healthy and no disease.

Summer/Late Summer.
Here in Scotland summer tends to gets going end of July. Summer/late flowering summer blooms
have generally began blooming by the end of July.

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