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Thursday, 16 June 2016

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day June 2016

I am currently laid up with a chest infection and even doing the most easiest of tasks in the garden has been a real struggle.  The upside of that is that I have been able to admire and watch the plants do what they want.  As is normal for Early to Mid June here in my garden there is so much waiting to burst into bloom.  The heatwave last week or as we like to call it, summer, was most welcome. However, this week it's all back normal dreich days.  I'm sure I've introduced you all to our word dreich before.  It simply means drizzly, dark and downright miserable weather.

You can see clearly in the summer border just how lush the garden is right now.  Last week however it was all looking very puggled.  It had been abnormally dry here recently.  I don't recall ever having to water the garden so early in the year.  Alliums, Astrantia and oriental poppies are blooming right now.

The summer border 2016
A closer look at what's in bloom right now.
Clematis The Vagabond, Crataegus laevigata rosea Flore Pleno, Lonicera x italica Harlequin
Iris Baby Blue, Allium Purpe Sensation, Papaver Royal Wedding
Astrantia Ruby Star, Astrantia Buckland and Allium cyathophorum var. Farreri 
On the other side of the trellising, the Laburnum tree is flowering in the woodland.  It's scent fills the whole garden.  This tree has only been in the garden 3 years and this is the first year it has flowered so profusely.  The bees adore it.
Laburnum x watererii Vossii 

Forming part of the deciduous hedge nearby the Viburnum buds pick out the colour of the Physocarpus leaves.

Physocarpus opulifolus Burning Embers and Viburnum sargentii Onondaga

Adjacent to and below some candelabra primula and globeflowers.

Primula japonica Postford White and Trollius x cultorum Cheddar
It's all getting very cramped in the top border.  The plants here will be grateful when I get round to extending this border later in the year.  Can you spot the lone Allium flower?  This whole area should be dotted with Allium blooms to coincide with the poppies.  All was going well a couple of weeks ago and then one morning I noticed that all bar one of those Allium buds had been completely sheared off just below the flower head.  I am blaming snails or slugs but can't say for definite.  What ever it was those large purple flower heads are littered on the ground beneath the foliage.
Top border June 2016

Allium Purple Sensation, Geum Totally Tangerine, Papaver Patty's Plum
Clematis Marjorie and Voluceau
Cirsium rivulare Atropurpureum
Geum Flames of Passion also blooming just out of shot
Over into the shadier side of the back garden more Candelabra Primula are blooming.  They'll be loving this rain.

P. japonica Apple Blossom and Millers Crimson

I haven't checked today but I doubt this hardy geranium just coming into bloom will be looking quite proud n this rain today.

Geranium himalayense Gravetye

This particular Cordydalis will neither be up nor down.  Those brilliant blue flowers really do stand out against all the greenery in the Enkianthus bed right now.  

Corydalis flexuosa Heavenly Blue
I was not my intention that this post should be quite so long.  I had not realised just how many plants were in bloom until I downloaded all the pictures I had taken over the last couple of days.  Please bear with me.  I am trying to keep words to a minimum to stop it getting even longer.

In the bed with no name (my EOMV posts) the pictures really don't do justice to how this area looks to the naked eye.  The clematis scrambles through the low trellis at the edge of this border.

Clematis Scartho Gem, Camassia leichtlinii Alba and Polemonium Caeruleum
The dwarf globeflower I bought for elsewhere in the garden looks wonderful planted near the dark coloured Astrantia.
Astrantia Ruby Wedding, Trollius x cultorum New Moon and Primula japonica Millers Crimson
 Another Astrantia and friends.
Astrantia Moulin Rouge, Lamium galeobdolon Hermann's Pride and Anemone Trulifolium 
A close look at the Saxifraga in containers.  These little plants would not survive in the ground here because of the winter wet.  They thrive on neglect and are easily place out of the way when not in bloom.

Down to the side garden, bleeding hearts and Aquilegia amongst the foliage.  Another spot in the garden that is now getting a bit too cramped.

At the other end Rhododendron Goldflimmer is just coming to it's peak.

Rhododendron Goldflimmer

Like the summer border at the top of this post, the front garden will come into it's own when the roses are in bloom.  Most of them are a couple of weeks away yet but on the arch R. Teasing Georgia has opened her first bloom.

R. Teasing Georgia and Erysimum Apricot Delight

Last year I pulled up all the dutch Iris bulbs because they weren't quite the colour I had hoped they'd be.  I must have missed these two.  I'll leave them for now and pull them when they go over.

Iris hollandica Bronze Beauty
 Bearded iris I. Indian Chief on the other hand looked great until the rains appeared.

Iris Indian Chief

Can you see the Verbascum in the background?  Standing tall and proud until they succumb to the weight of the rain the other night.

Verbascum Clemantine 

I am linking with May Dream Gardens to share my June Blooms with you all.  Thank you for reading and if like me you enjoy a real nosy around other folks gardens why don't you pop over to see what's happening around the world.


  1. Oh, I adore the colors in your Iris 'Bronze Beauty'! You have so many beautiful blooms this month. But you still must be so dreadfully disappointed about those Alliums. I know I would be. I can't fathom what might have done it.

  2. Dear Angie, many thanks for the amazing tour through your June garden! You have so many lovely plants in bloom right now and seeing them is a joy to behold.
    I think my favorite plant combination is the one of Primula japonica Postford White and Trollius x cultorum Cheddarhin. Not a fan of saturated yellow, I do love the pale yellow color of the Trollius.
    Hope your chest is getting better soon. Enjoy your lovely garden!
    Warm regards,

  3. What a beautiful garden! I love the Astrantia and globeflower together. I had forgotten about our lost Laburnum until I read this. Ours succumbed to some kind of rot. Yes, its wet here too.

  4. Sorry to hear you are not feeling well, but your garden looks lovely.
    Amanda xx

  5. Fabulous. Oh how I wish my garden looked so established and full! In time I suppose. The Astrantia/Trollius combo is sublime. Get well soon Angie.

  6. È sempre uno spettacolo entrare nel tuo giardino! Abbiamo parecchie fioriture in comune :)

    Io ti saluto e ti auguro di guarire presto!

  7. I hope you recover soon Angie. Your garden is spectacular.
    Just enjoy the garden and your relatively cool summer (we are having the first hot day here and the plants do not like it).

  8. What a delightful assortment of plants! Feel better soon!

  9. Your garden looks wonderful, your flowers bloom quite a bit later than ours. I love the dark astrantia with the trollius. And what a gorgeus clematis . Do take care and get better soon.

  10. What a gorgeous garden! Happy to find your blog today! I love the color combination of each photo, especially the Astrantia's one. Thank you for sharing. Happy GBBD:)

  11. What a gorgeous garden! Happy to find your blog today! I love the color combination of each photo, especially the Astrantia's one. Thank you for sharing. Happy GBBD:)

  12. The weather may be horrible but your garden is downright gorgeous, Angie! How I'd love to have a Laburnum. I hope you feel better soon (and get better weather too).

  13. I'm glad I'm not the only one posting late this month!
    Our weather has been similar to yours! We too had a very warm spell, then we're back to cool and drizzly. Dreich is a good word--I'll have to remember that!
    You have a real eye for color combinations. I enjoyed seeing all your blooms today!

  14. That combination of bleeding heart with acer foliage is simply fabulous :) As also the physocarpus and viburnum. And the Corydalis must be a lovely spot of colour even in the grey and wet... Love the looks of your laburnum; that's a tree I've only ever seen pictures of and would love to see in person - in bloom, of course! - someday! Hope you feel much better soon and get a bit sunshine!

  15. So sorry to hear that you've not been feeling well, I hope you get better soon. Your garden is looking fabulous with all it's different areas, your plant combinations are wonderful!

  16. Sorry you are not well Angie, I hope you will be better soon, your June garden is bursting out all over too, all your borders are looking so full and lush, I love the top border with the wonderful architectural plant in the middle and the background of flowers and foliage, like yours our weather has turned cold and wet, Frances

  17. Hope you are soon fighting fit again Angie, you certainly have plenty of colour, no wonder you didn't think there was as much, if your garden is anything like mine rampant greenery certainly seems to dominate until you look more closely.

  18. Last year the wind blew off an allium flower head whilst it was in bud in my sister's garden. It continued to open and the flower head just rolled around the garden.

  19. Hope you get better soon Angie, you have some lovely colour and planting combinations going on there, it's all looking lovely :)

  20. Angie girl ... you have so much in bloom it is amazing ! I love that picture of the Globe flower and Astrantia .
    The Laburnum? tree is stunning with those hanging yellow flowers .. sometimes we just have to wait and wait for those moments with plants/trees etc ... but it is so worth while eh ?
    My goodness I hope you feel better soon ... it must be miserable with the infection and this sad weather together .. sleep and hot drinks are a good way to pass the time and recuperate!
    Take care
    Joy : )

  21. Oh I'm sorry to hear that you are poorly Angie and hope that you are soon on the mend. Gazing out at your treasure filled garden will no doubt help. Those laburnum flowers must be well worth your wait. Puggled? You will have to translate :)

  22. Hello Angie, I hope you are feeling better by now :-)
    The garden looks lovely, I loved the combination of Astrantia ‘Ruby Wedding’ and Trollius x cultorum ‘New Moon’ – my Ruby Wedding never emerged after its first winter back in my old garden so I have no astrantias anymore. I might just borrow that combo!
    Oh, and I know why you have been having dry weather up there – because it’s all come down around here where I live! I feel like I am re-living 2012, cold, late spring and then just relentless rain…good for the garden but not for the human soul. Have a good week!

  23. A lovely selection and great combinations. I particularly like the browns/oranges/yellows, and the irises and astrantia.
    Beautiful :)

  24. I often find at this time of year that it's all so lush in the garden, that you have to get up close to find the flowers. As your post shows, doing so is very rewarding. I'm a fan of darker red Astrantias and can see that I'll have to add Astrantia Moulin Rouge to my list.

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