Monday, 12 November 2012

When the red red robin......

I took time out from decorating today - to replenish and restock the bird feeders.  Since introducing the large feeder into the garden a few weeks ago - I have found that doing this job fortnightly makes more sense.  Not only does it encourage the many birds, tits of all varieties, finches, sparrows and the others to go hunting for the food which has fallen on the ground.  It also means that a greater variety is available to all.  I am now finding that the fat balls are lasting longer, peanut/sunflower feeders are not being emptied overnight. 

I have also introduced rolled oats and dried food to replace the bread I used to put out for the birds.  I'm finding this is an inexpensive way to provide extra food at little cost.

I have been saying for weeks now that I haven't seen a blackbird in the garden for quite a while.  I was more than pleased when I saw one (male) perched on the back fence.  He was however, too quick, for me to get a snap shot.  Nice to see you back Blacky :))
House sparrows eagerly await their turn

At last a picutre of the robin's red breast

This little Coaltit - flitted in and out all afternoon - stockpiling I think!!

Collared Doves - they like the rolled oats

House sparrow perched on high!


  1. Nice blog Angie .I still have my family of blackbirds.

    Now getting blue tits ,coal tits collard doves.
    Crows have start to move in just hate them.

    What is your recipe for the rolled oats.

  2. Thanks Kath. Glad to see you still have your blackbirds. No fancy recipe for the rolled oats, just mix with some dried fruit and some sunflower hearts.


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