Sunday, 4 January 2015

Liebster Award - A Blog Award

For the couple of years I've been blogging, I noticed that some bloggers have many award badges in their side bars and others declared their blog award free.  To be honest I was never curious enough to find out what they actually are.  Since I have now been nominated - I thought I'd better do a bit of research.  I'd much prefer to be Award Free but since this is the first time I've been nominated I'm up for the challenge.  I'll give anything a go at least once!  These awards are derived to increase our readership, introduce and welcome new bloggers into the blogesphere.  I can see both sides of the argument. Depending on where about on the web you look there are different rules but all along a similar line.  These are the rules I've been given so will play by those.

The Rules:
You have to link back to the person who nominated you, and then you have to answer their set of eleven questions. Then you pass it all on by nominating five other bloggers of under 1000 followers. Do inform them and explain the rules. If they accept, you have to set them all another set of eleven questions.

First of all I must thank the blogger that nominated me - so thank you to The Long Garden Path for the nomination.  

I will take up the challenge to answer the 11 questions you have posed.  Thank goodness for 'copy and paste' - here is the list of questions and my answers:  

1. How would you describe your gardening style?

I would not say I had a particular gardening style but informal mixed wildlife would be three terms that would probably best describe my garden.  

2. What is your favourite colour in the garden?
My initial thought was to put blue and then I thought about it long and hard and have changed my mind.  My choice would have to be GREEN.  I love the garden when it's very lush and I am surrouned by ever changing shades of green.  
3. What is your most loathsome pest?
SLUGS - with a capital SLUGS!
4. What is your favourite national style of cuisine?
I would probably say Italian, not too spicy, as I am a bit of a plain eater.  Then again I am a real potato lover, so it doesn't matter which country it comes from providing it goes well with potatoes, how ever they are cooked!  
5. Gardening gloves or bare hands?
Bare hands no matter what the job!
6. What is your highlight of 2014?
I found out I was going to be a Grandma for the first time at the end of November, so have to say that is the highlight of 2014.  In terms of gardening - having bearded Iris flower after years of trying is right up there too!
7. And have you any gardening New Year’s resolutions?
Where do I start?  Only kidding - first on my list of NYRs is to get to grips with compiling an up to date list of what's in the garden.  I have a list but it hasn't been updated but only added to over the past 3 years.  There are in excess of 600 plants on that list and there is no way I have that many growing - Do I!?  There are one or two others but only minor and nothing worth mentioning.  
8. What would be your “Desert Island” disc?
Any old Motown or Northern Soul will do - provided I can dance to it.  I'd be happy as a pig in the proverbial!
9. What is your most and least favourite gardening task?
My most favourite gardening task just has to be shopping for plants and my least favourite gardening task is ridding the garden of the aforementioned slugs - the sheer thought of those slimy creatures makes me gag.
10. What was your favourite subject at school?
School?  That one didn't go down too well.  I 'got in with a bad crowd' as my mother described it way back then and didn't really care much for education (yes, full of regret about that now) - Woodwork would be one of my favourites.  I was one of the first ever girls in my school to choose Woodwork as a subject for O'Grade study ( Scottish equivelant of O' Level)
11. What is your favourite garden that you have visited, and why? 

The Linns in Dunblane is a gorgeous Snowdrop garden to visit early in the year.  It is the garden where G. Sophie North was discovered and the story over that particular snow drop moved me too tears.

The blogs I choose to nominate are:

  1.  Alison - Bonney Lassie
  2.  Julieanne - Gwefar's Garden
  3.  Janet - Plantalicious
  4.  Helene - GraphicallityUK
  5.  Annette - My Aberdeen Garden

The questions I choose to pose are:

  1. Which is your favourite season of the year?
  2. Small specialist nursery or large gardening chain?
  3. Lawn or alternative?
  4. Crossword or Suduko?
  5. Do you have a preference to a particular group of plants - e.g shrubs, perennials or something else?
  6. What is your most used gardening tool?
  7. Love or Loathe variegated foliage?
  8. Do you garden with wildlife in mind? 
  9. What is your favourite holiday memory? 
  10. Spring or Autumn colour: If you could only choose one, which would it be and why?
  11. Is there a particular plant you have no success which?
Please remember you are free to accept or decline your nomination.   

Just as I hit the publish button, I was nominated by Kris over at Late to the Garden Party.  Not wanting to be rude, here are my answers to here questions.  I won't nominate another 5 blogs though.  We could be going round in circles by the time the week is out!

1) Why do you blog?

I started blogging to record my garden.  Being a beginner gardener I thought it would be a good idea.  I have since met lots of like minded folks, learned so much and enjoy a nosy in their gardens too.

2) Words or photos?  Which do you labor over more in constructing a blog post?

I labour over the words.  As stated above, I was not very good at school and English was never my strongest subject anyway - writing a blog is helping me over come this issue.

3) What is one thing someone who knows you only through your blog would be surprised to learn about you?

I can't/don't cook.

4) What have you read in the past year that impacted your outlook, be it with respect to gardening or life in general?

I think reading gardening blogs has had the biggest impact of all - it has taught me patience, encouraged me to learn and plan ahead.  Patience and planning ahead has eluded me in all aspects of my life.
5) If you had to chose, what is your favorite among the plants currently in your garden?

My Primulas would be right up there as would all the new roses I planted in 2014.

6) What plant do you covet that you don't currently have, or which wouldn't survive in your climate?

That's a heck of a long list - Penstemons would be top off it though.  Even the ones I am told are hardy don't survive in my garden.

7) If you could pick up and move anywhere, where would that be and why?

I would move to The Philippine Islands - I have been there 12 times and each time fall more in love with the country, climate and it's people.
8) If you knew in high school what you know now, what career would you have selected for yourself?

If I knew in High School what I know now, I'd have bothered actually paying attention and sticking in with lessons.  I think I'd choose to be a Carpenter - I always wanted to do something like that when I was leaving school but 'girls' just didn't do that kind of career then.
9) What plant have you killed at least 3 times, if any?

Penstemons, I have tried them numerous times but they don't come through winter for me.

10) What do you like best about your own garden?

Right now I am enjoying learning what I love/loathe in the garden and how it is evolving with me as I learn.
11) Name your favorite public garden.

My favourite public garden is Royal Botanic Gardens here in Edinburgh


  1. Your blog is clearly a hit, Angie! Thank you for responding to my questions too. I was worried about overlaps when I made my selections.

    P.S. I don't cook either!

    1. Glad to read I'm not the only one Kris

  2. Congratulations Angie, both for the nomination and for the grand child. I must say that I was surprised you will be a grandma - somehow I always imagined you too young to be a grandma!

    1. Alain, I am too young to be a Grandma :) 48 Tomorrow and I hadn't imagined being one until I was at least 50. Still young enough to enjoy it I suppose :)

  3. I also go bare hands, unless I am working with roses or raspberries. Congrats on the award and the grandchild!

    1. I rarely put gloves on even with the roses but should know better. Had too many thorns in my fingers!

  4. I am proudly un-awarded but could do with some extra hits at this time of the year!

    1. I'll come and hit you if you like Roger!

    2. Roger, this is the one and only time I will be taking part. I was in two minds to accept but won't again. This has been one of my least read posts! I had expected that too!

  5. At least the questions that you were asked are garden related. It reminded me of the celebrity interviews in magazines. How about that you are a celebrity!

    1. I had a feeling it wouldn't be popular Sue, been there done that now. Chalked up to experience!

  6. You've handled that really beautifully Angie, and I like your questions. Thanks so much for nominating me, but I'm afraid I am going to decline. I'm with you on slugs...

    1. Thanks Janet. I felt awkward about nominating as I wasn't sure how folks would feel about this kind of thing. I am the type that would bin a chain letter without reading it, despite the threat of a curse!

  7. It's going to be a great year for you! Congratulations on your forthcoming Grandmotherhood!

  8. Angie, congrats with your award! Your blog is very interesting and deserves it!
    I hate slugs as well!

  9. Congratulations on your forthcoming grandchild :o) I'm an award free blog.. I was awarded one once and like you felt awkward about nominating any one so that's when I decided to be award free..

  10. Thank you, Angie! I'm so glad you accepted, and I enjoyed reading your answers. I agree with you on so many! You're a bit of a "Dancing Queen" then? ;) Many congratulations on your upcoming first grandchild - though you're definitely too young! Will you be called "Granny", as we called our grandmothers when young?
    P.s. I don't cook either!!

  11. Angie what an honor and well deserving too...I too am a barehanded gardener.

  12. Congratulations on your award Angie, well deserved. And thank you for nominating me – these awards seem to go round in circles for some time and then it’s quiet for a while and then they pop up again. I must admit I am not much for them, even though I understand it can be a good way of introducing people to blogs you otherwise would not have visited. I am going to decline, but thank you so much for having me in mind. I have however visited the blog ‘The Long Garden Path’ and left a comment on her lovely blog so at least your nomination worked that way :-)
    And I am a frequent visitor at Kris’ blog anyway so will be popping over there soon.

    Hope the storm has fared well with your garden - this one and the next one was supposed to be bad stuff up at your end, it’s just a brisk breeze down here at the moment.

  13. Congratulations on your award Angie - well deserved - your blog is great and I'm glad I found it through Helen over at Patient Gardener. And thank you for nominating me - I feel very honoured. I am going to reply to your questions in a blogpost, hopefully later this week.


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