Monday, 22 October 2012


I knew it was too good to be true - heatwave!!!!! WHAT heatwave?
It's been bitter cold today - I replenished my stock of bubble wrap yesterday - so onwards and upwards with cozying up the plants.

As you can see here the Sedums are all tucked up against the front of the house.  I'm not sure if they are just too 'open' to the weather here.  I'll need to keep my eye on conditions.

A project I have planned for next year, is to have a wide variety of Sedums growing in my front garden - they don't grow well in the back garden (it's a bit too moist).  This year, they were all suffering - they were removed from the borders and put into these pots.  All of them have shown signs of improvement.  Sedums are very easy to cultivate - they root very easy - in the past my method has been to snip off a non flowering stem and pop it into some compost.  Sedums are particularly wildlife friendly - loved by bees, butterflies and hoverflies. 

Sedum telephium maxima 'Gooseberry Fool' is the newest addition to my collection. 
Displayed here showing off in my gorgeous green glazed pot.  I'm happy to say it's now been transplanted into the front border.

 As promised here she is looking rather fine in a stone pot which compliments the creamy white edges to her foliage.
  Grafted onto a single standard stem -  ultimate height after 10 years is 1.5m.   

A close up of her foliage - the pink tint to the creamy edges of the leaves in autumn is really delicate! 

Shown here is Aucuba japonica, Camellia Brushfield's Yellow and Dryopteris erythrosora - looking good right now - a nice combination of textures and colours!

Aster novi - belgii 'Little Pink Beauty'  more flowers opening daily - another one I want to propogate next year.  This was a tiny little off-shoot I removed from my brother's garden last year - it has bulked out well enough this year! 

Clematis cartmanii - Pixie.  Introduced into the garden earlier this year - she hasn't really done very well.  This is another example of poorly labelled plants sold by national GCs.  To give her a chance I've replenished the compost and trimmed of all the dead looking foliage and I will over winter her in next door's greenhouse.    


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