Monday, 15 October 2012


It's been a cold but sunny day out in the garden today - a fleece was needed - just to keep the chill of my bones!!
I continued with the job of bubble wrapping some more containers.  I did run out - so note to self - go shopping for bubble wrap later in the week.  
I finally managed to get the over sized terracotta pot which is currently home to my Coral Bark Japanese Maple - Acer Palmatum 'Eddisbury' moved.  
It suffered very badly from poor drainage earlier in the year - now recovering well.  It will be re-homed elsewhere in the garden next spring.  


I took the time to winter clean some of the bird feeders today.  The real bully boys in the garden are the starlings - the so boss the little blue tits about.  I thought that the smaller birds would appreciate me hiding one of the feeders in the Salix Carprea 'Kilmarnock Willow'

                                                    August 2012

Small feeder tucked away!

I get so much pleasure from watching all the different birds which visit my garden - I've only once seen a woodpecker but failed to capture a shot.  I've experimented by bringing a feeder nearer to the back door.  It has been filled with food for Robins and Songbirds.  Fingers crossed I can enjoy the smaller birds more closely.

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  1. love the stones - moon shaped Angie!


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