Friday, 12 October 2012

Autumn is here.....

 So is the rain!

Heavy rain during the night meant that part of the the lawn and borders are flooded again.  It's been relatively dry all day but no subsidence in the water levels.  There are still a couple of plants waiting to display their blooms - both the Pink Anemones and Heptacodium Miconoides have buds - but will there be enough sun?  Time will tell.  I'm not so confident that the Saxifragae fortunei will flower this year.  If it survives winter - I will consider moving it to an alternative site.
I have split one of the Primula vialii, bargain Lobelia Queen Victoria both plants have been split up into 9 plants.  I decided to keep Lobelia Fan Burgundy as they were - plants still had a few flower buds.
The newest addition to my garden is a lovely new Cotoneaster x cuecicus 'Juliette' yesterday.  It is grafted onto a single stem - has gorgeous variegated leaves and is great for wildlife.  It will need full sun if it is to flower at it's best.  Pictures to follow - once I have made my mind up where to plant it!!


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